September 05, 2016
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how to like and comment as your Facebook page on Facebook

hello everybody , 
how are you today , we hope you are fine and in good health 

today we have a new lesson with a title " how to like and comment as your Facebook page on Facebook "

the old way to do that was to go to your settings and select your page from "use Facebook asas shown in the next picture .

but , now this feature is moved to all pages' posts .
so , to like or comment as Facebook page follow these steps : 

1. go to any page post .
2.  you will see drop-down menu like this .

3.  click on it and select your page to like or comment .

4. you will see the photo is changed and you can like or comment as your page .

you can use the same way to post at your page like this .

we hope it's helpful for you 
thanks for reading
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5 التعليقات:

  1. It only works on SOME pages. I cannot comment as my public page on an open group or public page. Super annoying.

  2. we hope it's helpful for you
    thanks for reading

  3. Doesn't work anymore.

  4. This does not work