February 16, 2014
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how to add troll face on facebook chat

today we have a new facebook chat  trick with title :
 " how to add troll face on facebook chat"

if you want to
add troll face on facebook chat , follow these steps :

1. Click here to download this extension

note : this extension only for google chrome browser .

2. Click add free

3. confirm new extension by click on add
4.it will be downloaded .
5.now , open your account and go to any friend chat box
then click on this smile


6.choose any troll face and click enter
i hope it's useful for you
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2 التعليقات:

  1. It's nice, but it needs more work. Makes the chat window pop-out and covers part of the screen.

    1. yes , you are right
      but you can control this by clicking on red icon
      beside your chat
      i hope you enjoy it