March 20, 2014
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how to hide groups on facebook

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title "
how to hide groups on facebook "

for privacy many people want to hide their groups from public and friends , so we will show you how to do that, and we will check what we will do .

to hide groups on facebook, just follow these steps :

1.go to about section in your timeline . on manage sections .

3.remove mark from groups then click save .

now , let's check what we have done :

1. go to your timeline then click on view as

2. scroll down to see what public can see
in timeline section and about section . on view as specific person and write your friend's name then scroll down to see what he can see .

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  1. This method hides the groups from the timeline, BUT there is a problem: a friend still can see the groups you are joined in the GROUPS page, in the FRIENDS' GROUPS menu. There is all the groups joined by friends, and the NAME of the friend, like MICHAEL AND LARA ARE JOINED.

    Also in the friends timeline, there are a section with groups SUGGESTIONS, showing the groups you are participating.

    This is a BIG ISSUE and PROBLEM with Facebook! Of course, from all points of view, nobody wants other people seeing his group activities. It is a BAD thing, including from the SECURITY perspective.