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how to hide your last name on facebook 

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title " how to hide your last name on facebook  "
also we can say
" how to make your facebook name only one name"

note :
use firefox to make that .

 to hide your last name, follow these steps :

1.change your facebook language to bahasa indonesia
 2.then log out (keluar)
3.click here to go to hidemyass.com
4. choose indonesia then click update result
 5. then choose any ip with high speed and connection time
 6.copy IP address and save port number in your mind
7.in firefox click on tools then options
9.choose manual proxy then paste  IP address you have chosen and port number and mark on use this proxy server for all protocols then click ok
10.now , enter your facebook account and write your first name (let your last name empty ) and save
11.result now

don't forget :
1.change your language to your main language .
2.make your proxy no proxy as default like this picture
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