February 16, 2014
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how to change primary email on facebook

hello there , today we will teach you how to change primary email on facebook
to change your primary email, just follow these steps :
we have three methods to change your primary email on facebook 

notes :

1. if you haven't add another email option,skip these steps then continue from , second method .

2.  my old primary email is engtifa375@gmail.com
          my new primary email is tifa_ahlawy3@yahoo.com 

1.       Go to your setting
2.       Then General ,email ,add another email 

3.         Put your new email and password then save changes
4.       Click okay
5.       Go to your new account mail
6.       Open facebook email verification message
7.       Click on click here

8.       Now , your new email is saved

but , you can also enter to this account with any of the two accounts the old and the new one .
so, to remove the old one , follow these steps
1. Click on email
2. Click remove to remove the old one and mark on your primary email

note :

if remove link on the new account
mark on
the new account to use it as primary
but don't remover it , then enter your password to save changes ,return back you will find

remove link on the old account 

3.put your password and click save changes
4. Now , congratulation you have only the new one

second method :

for people who
haven't add another email option,follow these steps :

1. click here to go to
2.click on general

3.click on email

4 .you will see your all emails and can edit them
also you can find
add another email option 

5. to change your primary account , click on add another email
6.add your new email then enter your password then click add email

Go to your new account mail

8. click on click here to verify it

9. congratulation , this is new account

but , you can also enter to this account with any of the two accounts the old and the new one .
so, to remove the old one , follow these steps

1. again
click here to go to m.facebook.com/settings  

2. then general

3. Click on email

4. Click remove on the old one to remove it

5. enter your password

changes saved

third method :

click here to update your security information

login then you can see your old emails
and you can edit them and you will see add another email address option .

I hope this helpful for you .

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thanks for reading
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  1. Its says u cant change your primary mail add plz help my ex has haced my acc

  2. i have just added another two methods to change your primary mail
    check them

  3. Thank you, chucky man. I needed Second Method, and until you commented, I had no idea that the steps you provided even existed. GREAT JOB!! Worked perfectly in Chrome. (P.S. Now that I've found you, I've bookmarked your site.)

  4. thanks my friend
    this is your site
    you are welcome any time
    i hope it's useful for you

    1. The "add new email address" button or link that everybody keeps talking about is not there. I can't add a new email address, what do I do now?

  5. Option 3: I clicked 'add another email address' and entered correct email address. It keeps giving me error message: "Something went wrong. We're working on getting it fixed as soon as we can."
    The email address it has as the primary is "pending confirmation" because it is not a valid email account. Never has been.
    Any suggestions?

    1. I'm getting the same error message. I don't even get an email box when trying option 2. How can a web app be so screwed up?

  6. Also : option 2 does not even list "email" as an optional setting. Seems to be in limbo.

  7. try another email on these three ways again

  8. My email address has changed. I cant recive password changes at that acount so I can not change the password. How can I accuss that account and change the account email and password?

  9. what if it says pending on an email that was typed in wrong. now I cant do anything with it. theres no buttons to redo it???? what do I do

  10. I have the same problem except I can't remember my password and I can,t change the password because FB needs to email me the code. They have my old email address which I can.t receive anymore. Help. Is it possible to contact FB.

  11. I cant change my pw because fb has an old email address that I cannot access any longer and they have to email new pw to me. is it possible to contact facebook by phone to change email address? HELP!!!

  12. This is the only option that has actually worked. Thank you.

  13. Thank you so much - the 2nd method worked. You're a star!! :)

  14. My email has been terminated that I use for Facebook...so I cannot access a new password since the reset goes to that email. I need to add a new email account to my existing user, but simply impossible without the password.

  15. I found that after you add the new email and verify it, you must sign out and sign back in with the new email before changes are possible. It does not allow changing primary emails because you are currently signed in with the old one and it would destroy the sign in status.

  16. the only way that was work for me was deactivaate accout using hacked option and when u set security features it allows u to choose which address to use

  17. Hi, does it work for Pages as well?
    I have a Page, but no personal account (it was possible to create a Page without Personal Account earlier) ( https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=841170682568509 )
    Now, I would like to create a Personal Account using the same primary e-mail address as the Page, however I do not have the "Create your personal account" link at the top right of the page. In the admin setting, the 'admin' is a ghost/grey account, with just an email address. How could I change this?

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  19. There is NO email option under General in any of your methods...!