September 03, 2014
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how to decorate your facebook

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today we have a new facebook lesson with a title " how to decorate your facebook "

we brought amazing chrome extension for you to make your facebook more stylish instead of one theme .

with this extension you can :

1. choose your own background color  .
2. set the color of the top bar  .
3. add a background picture to your page .
4.  remove advertisements and sponsored stories  .
5. zoom photos quickly .
6. choose a new notification sound .
7. add desktop alerts for new notifications .
8. play videos outside of the newsfeed  .
9. change text style and size .
10. set a custom cursor .
 and more ..

how to install it ?

1. click here to install it

2. then click free then add .

how to use it ?

look for the little blue icon in the top right of your address bar
then click the icon to open the options menu and turn on features you want .

example for decorated facebook :

note :

when it becomes boring , you can remove it from here .

we hope this topic is useful for you..
thanks for reading
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  1. Thank you lots of useful info but I'm trying to ass a follow button on my business page