February 23, 2014
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how to delete saved passwords on facebook

today we have a new facebook topic with title " how to delete saved passwords on facebook "

sometimes your browser saves your facebook email and password , but this makes others open your account and this surely makes you annoyed .
so we interested in this problem .

if you want to know
how to delete saved passwords on facebook, be sure you are in the right place .

if your browser is Google chrome , follow these steps :

1. Go to your settings

2. Scroll down then click on show advanced settings

3.scroll down to show passwords and forms
4. click on manage saved passwords to show or delete saved passwords .

5.now you can
delete saved passwords by clicking on X button


 ** if your browser is Mozilla firefox , follow these steps :

1.from menu bar choose tools then select option

2.choose security then saved passwords

3. Select any account  , then click remove to delete saved password associated with it .

also you can show your passwords from show password

4.clicking on ok or cancel doesn't  make a
difference ,as you have already removed your passwords .
to be sure , click ok .

congratulation , you did it
this password is deleted from your browser

note :

when browser offers you to save your password , don't accept it ,except it will save your passwords

if you saved it and want to delete your saved password , repeat our steps .

I hope it's useful for you 

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