February 14, 2016
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change facebook username

hello our fans , how are you , we hope you are fine and in good health

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title "how to change facebook username "

you can change your username manytimes as you wish ,,

at first , facebook allows you to change facebook username once , but if you did it once you would have a message that you can't change it again so ,

today we will make a tiny trick to change facebook username ,

follow these steps to know how to change facebook username 

** to change facebook username  for first time :
1. go to your settings
2. on general settings click on edit username then type your new username till username is available
finally click save changes  .

** to change facebook username  for second time : 

now we will create a new facebook page to pass your old user name to it
so you can put a new username ,
just follow these steps : 

1. at general settings you can't change your username  ,  so at the bottom of this page
click create a page , as shown in this picture

2. then put a name and choose any category for this new page then click get starte
3. after you fill the information of the new page go to the page settings and click on page info
then create a web address for this page

4. put your old username  and check availability
5. then click transfer username .

6 . finally you have no username , now you can create a new one from your general settings .

we hope this helpful for you
thanks for reading
thanks for reading
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  1. you need 25 likes before you can change your web address - unless i've missed something Would love to solve this issue - ridiculous that Facebook is that inflexible that it can't help a human who's made a human error.