March 03, 2014
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how to view and edit restricted list on facebook

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title " how to view and edit restricted list on facebook "
last lesson we explained what's restricted list and how to add or remove friends from restricted list on facebook 

but many people don't know how they can find their restricted list on facebook
so we are here today to tell you how can you get and edit it .
to find your restricted list on facebook , follow these steps :

1. click here to go to your all lists restricted list
3. click on manage list then edit list
4. if you want to remove someone from your restricted list
click on x mark

5.from on this list drop-down click on friends 
then you will see all friends, mark on friends to add them to your restricted list
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4 التعليقات:

  1. Hi,

    Is there a way to prevent someone who is not on my friend list to not see something I post in a group that we both are a member of?


  2. I accidentally deleted my restricted list thinking it would remove the restricted status on those friends. How do I restore it and how do i remove those friends from the list?