February 14, 2014
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how to change font on facebook chat

today we have a new facebook chat trick with title "change your font on your facebook chat "

there are 15 font styles to write in your chat , you might see that but you don't know how other people make that , so we are here to tell you how to change your  font on facebook chat , to sudden your friend .

easily , you can change your  font on facebook chat , just follow these steps :

1. go to this site from here 

2. choose your style .

3.enter you message and check preview .

4. if it liked you go to chat codes box then  (ctrl + a) to select all
(ctrl + c) to copy it

5. paste it in your facebook chat box

6. it will appear like this

don't forget you have 15 writing styles
enjoy it .

we appreciate your comments and questions
thanks for reading .

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  1. You’re cool! I wish I could express my feelings far more eloquently and you’re absolutely one great blogger.


  2. how to change color font at facebook's note ?

  3. Your post is superb. Thanks for sharing us updated information.