February 13, 2014
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how to get more likes on facebook

you might see a lot of page likes or someone followers ,but you have small number of likes or followers , and you ask how to get more likes on facebook . 
if this what you want , sure you are in the right place .

1. go to add me fast site from here
2. full this registration to make new account .

warn : you can make only one account .

3.go to add site/page then add your account, page or anything you want increase it .
Choose your people nationality and points per click for people which follow you .

4. Now you have 50 points , to increase your points make like or follow to another people
this is called like exchange . you can make this from free points
for example facebook likes :
choose it and make like to another people to increase your points

5. Click on like . the site will open popUP, log in facebook and press like then close popUP

notes :
1. popUP will be automatically closed after few second the users who don't close manually the popUP will not receive points
2. If you make this successfully you will receive this message and your points will increase .

6. repeat this process to increase your points
notes :
1. we advise you to log in facebook with new account Because you will make a lot of likes to a lot of pages which may make you annoyed .
but when you add page or account add the real one
summary :
your page real (which want to make people like it ) from add site/page box
your account new( that you will make a lot of like from it ) from log in at popUP
2. a lot of people make this trick , so not all people will be active .
3.your points will be decrease because you paid points for people 

who followed you ,because your followers will increase .
thanks for reading
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