February 20, 2014
we are here to learn you all facebook lessons, tricks , making covers ,solving problems, facebook styles ...etc we hope you enjoy with us
Change your facebook style with photos 

today we have a new facebook trick with title " how to Change your facebook style "
a lot of people are bored from uniform facebook style , and want to change it

so we interested in this trick .

if you want to know how to Change your facebook style  , be sure you are in the right place
to make your facebook style like this ,

just follow these steps :

1. Go to userstyles.org from here
2. choose any style to install your extension (only for first time )
then click stylish .

2. allow it and install now then restart your browser

3. again go to this link to choose your facebook style  
you will find many facebook styles , you have 100 pages about 500 styles , choose any one from these styles to install it .

click on install with stylish

4. then click install

5.if it is installed you will see this message

6. now we can say congratulation

very important note :

some styles specialize for  photos and boxes like this

 ,some specialize for  log in page only. like this

and some  specialize for  your home page like this

but , the question now , how can you detect that ??

the answer is ' from background of style' before you select your style

for example :
these three backgrounds
specialize for  log in page only
but these three specialize for  your home page

and so on ...

note :
this explanation was in Mozilla firefox  browser
if you use google chrome, I think you can do this
because it's near from our steps .
don't forget you have about 500 styles .
enjoy it .
I hope it's useful for you .
thanks for reading
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