February 05, 2014
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How to Delete Facebook Account

i think a lot of people want to know how they can  Delete Facebook Account of them.

so we interested in this problem .

 if you want to know How to Delete Facebook Account , follow these steps :

1.       Click here and log in

2.       If you really want to delete it forever  click on delete my account .
3.       Fill this form and press ok


 Note : your account will be deleted within 14 days if you log into your account within the next 14 days, you will have the option to cancel your request .

now you have learned How to Delete Facebook Account
also you can learn how to solve another problems .

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17 التعليقات:

  1. This is a farce. I want to delete my account, I can't log in because it says my date of birth is wrong but you can't delete without logging in. I hate Facebook.

  2. check this >>
    if it isn't helpful , tell me to search another solution for you
    you are welcome
    thank you .

  3. I created another facebook account. When I try to deactivate it, my main account is deactivated. The page does not give me the edit option at the top. How do I get rid of the account?

    1. how do i get rid of this old account

    2. hi , last Anonymous
      if you can access your account , follow our steps
      if you can't , you should recover it at first
      can you open your account !?!

    3. not my old one,i forgot all the log in information

    4. i want it removed. its me but i cant get in it
      I have a new one now

    5. can you open your associated email to prove that this account belong to you ?!

    6. goooooooood
      you should recover it then you easily can delete it
      to recover it , read this topic carefully
      then tell me news

    7. you told me that you can access your associated email
      so follow steps of email and they will send you anew message
      to recover it
      if you want to continue with this account , you can continue
      if you want to delete it, come here to delete it

    8. If I have 2 accounts both have the same email address how do I delete one. I tried deactivating one but after I did that when I log in it keeps taking me to the deactivated acciunt

  4. hello , terri
    i wanna say to you that i've 4 accounts on facebook and when i deactivate one of them , no problem happen to me , i mean there is no problem when you deactivate your account when you have another one .

    so, if this problem happen to you , i think this problem from your setting as you have more emails on your account .

    go to your settings and check your emails from settings and remove your not wanted emails

    now to change your primary email follow these steps:

    to delete your account follow these steps

    excuse me :
    what do you mean when you said ' The page does not give me the edit option at the top. '
    which page ? and in which step ?

    i hope it's useful for you .

    1. when i log in my new facebook account comes up

    2. try to change your primary email from m.facebook
      in this topic
      i've updated this topic

  5. i want to delete my old facebook account anyhow. i have changed my cell number and i cant access my old number where login approvals were turned on. i even dont have access to code generator. please help me in deleting my account .

    1. you can access to your old account
      from this topic with any info about your old account

      then return back here to delete your account