March 10, 2014
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how to send files on facebook in two ways

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title " how to send files on facebook in two ways "

 what kinds of files you can send ?

you can send photos, videos and documents

we will send pdf , pptx and docx in this topic

first way to send files on facebook :

1.go to your chat box , and click on gear icon on add files
3. choose your files to send it , then click open

4.wait uploading

5. then click enter
Congratulation you did it 
second way to send files on facebook : on messages icon
2. click on see all

3.choose your friend to send him files messages box click on add files
5.choose your files , then click open

6.mark on press enter to send
7.then click enter 

8.congratulation you did it
 in this picture we've sent
pdf , pptx and docx files

thanks for reading
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6 التعليقات:

  1. Only a little helpful. I don't want to send files in a message or chat; I want to post to my timeline a WORD file that has pictures in it and several pages. Everyone seems to duck this challenge.

  2. you have 3 suggestions
    1. convert it to
    JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files
    2. upload it on mediafire and paste your link
    3.upload it on any group then share it to your timeline (groups allow to upload word files)
    i hope it's useful for you

  3. hi, Nikki Cook

    you can convert anything to anything in minutes online
    by adding online
    for example :
    if you wanna convert doc to jpg
    just write in google
    (doc to jpg online)
    i did it for you i got this site

    if you wanna convert doc to pdf
    just write in google
    (doc to pdf online)
    i think first site will be helpful

  4. My facebook does not have these this relatively new....

  5. Thanks a ton for the tips..Didn't even had a look at all steps..just first step solved the problem..
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