July 05, 2014
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how to delete all facebook messages

hello everyone ...

today we have a new facebook lesson with a title "how to delete all facebook messages at once "

some people want to delete all facebook messages .

but they have too many messages which need about days to delete them .

so, today we brought an extension to delete all facebook messages in just minutes ...

to delete all facebook messages, follow these steps :

1. click here to add " delete all messages " extension
( this extension available only for google chrome )  .
2. click on free then add to install it .

3. open your facebook account then go to messages icon and click on see all .

4. you will see new blue logo on your right hand ,click on it (it won't appear if you don't click on see all ) .

5. after you click on this logo , click ok then ok then ok .

6. now all messages will automatically delete , it takes about 8 seconds ..

7. the result now :

important notes :

** the secret of this tool is repeating this process from step number 4 ...

1.if you have thousands messages , you need to repeat this process many times to delete all messages .

2.i have two accounts ..
first one has 1000 messages , it succeeded from first process , just 8 seconds .

second account has about two million messages from 2010
it takes about 10 times which mean about three minutes to delete
two million messages .

3.now this extension available only for google chrome

4. to install firefox extension, click here ..
but now
firefox extension has some problems ..
i hope they solve it .

we hope this topic is useful for you .

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