February 13, 2014
we are here to learn you all facebook lessons, tricks , making covers ,solving problems, facebook styles ...etc we hope you enjoy with us
how to make a photo grid by easy way

to know how to make facebook timeline cover like this ,follow these steps :

1.       Download your best friends photos ,or any photos to make your  facebook timeline cover .
3.       Click on get started 
4.       Choose college maker then choose my computer
5.       Click on  add photos then add photos you downloaded before
6.        Choose templates and choose one of featured college or grid or big photo warp ..etc , as you like then create your own
7.       Come back to photos  and drag your photos to grid or click on auto fill  and rearrange your photos .
8.       When you finish ,click on save and choose places to save it like desktop 
9.       Then choose quality and jpg or PNG note : the size of   jpg is less than PNG
10.    NOW , click save and congratulation

watch this video :

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