June 26, 2014
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how to change birthday on facebook

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today we have a new facebook lesson with a title " how to change birthday on facebook "

many people asked how can they change their birthday on facebook , so we interested in this problem and we brought two methods to do that ..

to know how to change birthday on facebook , just follow these steps :

first method (usual method) :

1. go to your timeline and click on about .

2. scroll down to see basic information .

3. click on edit of birthday year .

4. choose your birthday and confirm your age then click on save changes .

but there are some problems in many cases like these messages :

so you need second method to change your birthday on facebook

second method :

1. click here to make a request to change your birthday

2. enter your birthday year, month and day .

3. put a reason to change your birthday like this ..

"I'm sorry i wrote my date of birth by mistake "

4. click on send

*  you will receive a message on your email , if you forget your email , don't worry ,just check your birthday year after 2 hours .

it needs
at least 20 minutes .
usually  2 hours .
at most 3 days .

i hope this topic is useful for you ...
thanks for reading
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